Tree Stump Removal Atlanta: The Importance of Removing Tree Stumps & Roots to Avoid Home Foundation Problems

Tree_stump_removal_atlantaTrees are beautiful creations of nature that can add beauty to your home, provide shade during sunny days and privacy to your house. Trees when cut down and turned into tree stumps may not be as lovely as it was when it was still full grown. And, it may also cause some accidents and trouble in your house and yard.

When trees become tree stumps, you will have two options left, either you remove it or let it grow. Tree stumps usually grow back into a tree, but there is no assurance that this will be a better looking or healthier tree. Stumps that grow back even pose a threat of having a tree disease which can weaken the tree itself.

Stumps can be a danger to you, your family and your home. If you want to know why, just read below to get more information why removing tree stumps can be a better idea.

The Roots – during the elementary days, it was already discussed that trees do not just grow upward but they also grow downward below the ground. Tree stumps may not grow upward but it does not mean that the roots have stopped growing and spreading.

The roots that are spreading below the ground can pose a potential problem to your home’s foundation. It can break through it and create cracks. This makes your house in danger when there are earthquakes. A poor foundation for the house is never acceptable since it can easily collapse.

Aside from your house’s foundation, roots can also damage the sidewalks and roads. It can create cracks and make the road uneven. This is not ideal especially if you have little ones that may trip on these cracks. Cracks on the road are the also dangerous for vehicles. Pipes underneath the ground can be damaged by the roots. It can cause a crack on the pipe which may lead to water leakage or worse, gas leakage.

The roots can also damage a lawnmower since these roots may sometime penetrate the upper ground.

Tree Infection – the roots of a diseased tree stump can infect the other healthy trees and plants in your yard. It can overall damage your plants which can be nasty and you will lose the beauty of yard just because of a single tree stump.

Insects – there are many insects that get attracted to tree stumps. These are termites, bees, wasps, and hornets. These insects can also damage your property, like the termites and their sting can be fatal especially if you or your family is allergic to them.

Lower Property Value – the sight of a tree stump is not as good as when it is a full grown tree. If you are selling your house, tree stumps can lower down the property value since it does not add beauty to your house plus the new owners will have to hire a specialist who can remove the stump.

It is important to remove tree stumps for the safety of your family and your house. Stumps can sometimes provide beauty to your yard, but only when it is made into something else. But that does not mean that its roots cannot damage your property.

If you want to remove the tree stump in your property, there are ways on how you can do it. Tree stumps can be a do-it-yourself project, but take note, if the stump is too big, your axe may not work for it. It may be best to hire a company that can remove stumps for you since they have machines that can uproot even the large stumps.

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