Tree Removal Marietta: How To Check For Tree Rotting And Decay

Trees withstand a lot of stress all year round. From strong winds, heavy rains, and many temperature changes, it can effect the underlying soil and the trees water supply.  If you are a homeowner with trees around your property, you should make it a habit to inspect those trees rotting or decay.

Here are 3 things to have on your checklist when inspecting trees on your property:

  • Make sure to look at all the trees on your property and pay special attention to the roots, trunks and branches.
  • Observe for any signs of fungus growing on the trunk or roots.
  • If you have leafy branches that are dropping that could be a sign of internal rotting.

These are just a few ways to check if your trees are healthy. To know more about inspecting the health of your tree you can click here!

If you need to contact a professional tree removal Marietta company to look at the tree on your property, you can call (404)618-1424

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