Tree Removal Atlanta: Benefits of Tree Removal During The Winter

tree_removal_winterWinter is probably the most festive season throughout the year. People are busy preparing for Christmas and New Year: they cut down and decorate their trees, shop for gifts and attend parties. With a lot of these things going on, removing or pruning the tree in the yard can be the last thing on their minds. Well no one can really blame anyone since most people associate tending to the trees is done during the spring season. But, did you know that tree removal and pruning is best done during the winter season as well? Yes, that is right removing a tree even with the icy and cold ground can be very beneficial to you and the tree.

The spring season is not just the season to take care of your trees, but it has to be done all year round, and winter is no exception. In spring, this is the season that you will see the fruit of your labor, a beautiful and well groomed tree that shows wonderful blossoms.

Pruning the trees is very essential for caring for your trees; it can prevent unwanted disease on the tree or injury to you and your family. Trees not properly cared for can end up with weak and diseased limbs that can fall on your things or worst on you.

Here are the different benefits that you can get when you remove or prune your trees during the winter season:

Big Savings – winter season can be fun and festive, but it can also mean more expenses since you will be too busy buying gifts, preparing for parties you will host and parties you will attend to and decorating your house for Christmas. All these expenses can make you think twice of having your tree in your back yard pruned, but did you know that most companies that offer tree removal and pruning services have big discounts during the winter season. This is because the winter season is their off peak season for jobs on removing and pruning trees, and to get more jobs they offer discounts on their services. This is good news for you since by spring time, you will have beautiful trees and you can save on tree removal costs.

No obstructions – during the winter season the leaves have fallen off and foliage has disappeared. This provides a better view to trim the tree and even detect diseased and dead branches. This makes it easier to care for the trees since it is already exposed, showing you the parts that need to be treated and parts that need to be removed. This also makes the tree removal job a lot less risky of having dead branches falling off.

The arborists can also have better access to your area. He will not have to worry about your lawn since it will be covered in thick snow.

Better Trees – you will get better looking trees during the spring season since the wounds of your trees will only be exposed for short period of time and since trees are dormant during the winter season, you will surely see your trees bloom better during spring time. The foliage will soon cover these wounds and since it was pruned with better visibility, your tree will also have a better structure. There are also trees that need to be pruned at an exact season. An example is the oak tree; you cannot prune this tree during the months of April, May or June this is to avoid getting the oak wilt disease.

Tree removal and pruning is very beneficial to trees and of course to you, but you can make the most out of it when you know when is the right time to cut up your trees and make it look festive for the spring season.

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