Checking The Trees Around Your Atlanta Home For Tree Trunk And Root Rot

If you live in the Atlanta area you know that having trees can bring a lot of benefits to your Atlanta Tree Trunk And Root  Rottingproperty and surrounding environment. There can also be dangers if your trees have lived a long time and disease of the roots or trunk go unnoticed.

Here is a checklist of things to check on your trees all year round:

● Try to walk around all the trees on your property. Carefully inspect the roots, trunk and branches that are on the tree or have fallen nearby.

● Observe and look for any signs of fungus growing on or around the trunk or the roots .

● Your tree trunks should be round. If they’re not, there may be something going on internally with your tree.

● Having dead limbs coming off of your tree are normal. They’re going to drop because of the cycle that trees have year round. But if you noticed leafy branches that are dropping, then there may be a problem.

To read more about root and trunk rot on your tree you can visit this link here!

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